[AUDIO] Rich Sheridan on Storytelling

storytellingMenlo CEO and Chief Storyteller Rich Sheridan joined Karen Dietz to talk about storytelling for her Just Story It Podcast. Rich gives a little background into how storytelling became part of Menlo’s tradition and why he thinks storytelling has woven its way into the fabric of business.

“One of our traditions at Menlo from the very very first days of the company was we opened the doors to the world and said, ‘come in and see us.’ I don’t mean, call us up and schedule an appointment and talk to Rich. I mean come in and actually witness Menlo. Take a tour. Ask questions. So we opened the doors to the world quite quickly and people came. There’s a whole bunch of reasons they came.

But what would happen during these tours, is we would start to tell our stories. Not our story, like our marketing pitch, or anything like that. But rather, we started telling people the stories of why we exist, how this came to be, what our personal stories were as to how we created this kind of radically different work environment, workflow process, that sort of thing.

And this continued. Last year alone we did 340 tours for over 2500 people who came from around the world to visit our company and take a tour.”


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