[AUDIO] Rich Sheridan on Storytelling

Menlo CEO and Chief Storyteller Rich Sheridan joined Karen Dietz to talk about storytelling for her Just Story It Podcast. Rich gives a little background into how storytelling became part of Menlo’s tradition and why he thinks storytelling has woven its …[Read more]

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The Biggest Challenge: Getting User Feedback

“We love Menlo, but there’s no way we’re going to be able to get user feedback the way you do. It just won’t fly back at our company.” We hear this often from Menlo visitors. They learn about our process, …[Read more]

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How We Made JOY Our Competitive Advantage

“When you walk into the lobby of Menlo Innovations, you find yourself standing in the heart of what makes this company one of the most innovative and productive software development firms in the world.”
Wrote John Baldoni, a Forbes magazine …[Read more]

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Why I Work at Menlo

Stress and fatigue are common ailments of the modern knowledge worker; people spend their free-time and hard-earned money to manage the excess stress in all kinds of different ways. In my past life as a research scientist, the stress from …[Read more]

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Teaching is the best way to learn. Pairing is the best way to teach.

There are a few things that I’ve come to believe from my time here at Menlo Innovations. First and foremost, paired programming has exposed me to the phenomenon of cooperation and close human interaction as the primary medium of …[Read more]

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Introversion not required

Because everyone at Menlo works in pairs, and we work in one large noisy room, we’re often asked during tours if all Menlonians are extroverts.  At that point, the tour guide will often ask for a show of hands from …[Read more]

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Learning every day

In a place like Menlo, you don’t get to a point where you’ve learned all there is to learn about your job. I am reminded of that every day. I love that, and I thrive in this environment.
In the …[Read more]

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The Power of Pairing

I’ve been a developer at Menlo for nine years and am now a member of the team who is relied on for many things including programming, and process knowledge, mentoring abilities, and leadership skills. Menlo has taught me to be …[Read more]

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The life of a Menlo dog

10:00 AM is the best time to be a dog!  A bell rings and—like a Pavlovian response—all the humans stand up and gather together into one mighty pack. They stand in a circle and take turns speaking, filling each other in …[Read more]

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People Offer Their Children To Us

Over the past several years, I’ve noticed a curious and predictable phenomena during our talks and tours. Inevitably, at the end, someone will approach me and hand me a business card.
“My son or daughter would love to work at …[Read more]

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