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Why I Work at Menlo

Stress and fatigue are common ailments of the modern knowledge worker; people spend their free-time and hard-earned money to manage the excess stress in all kinds of different ways. In my past life as a research scientist, the stress from …[Read more]

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Forget Business School: Why an Emotional Education is Indispensible

People often ask us how they can work at Menlo. Contrary to what many people believe, Menlo hires for emotional intelligence, just as much as skill set. Our High-Tech Anthropologists® succeed when they are empathetic and sympathetic to the end users …[Read more]

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The Technical Interview is Dead (And No One Should Mourn)

Guilty as charged! Menlo Innovations does not use the technical interview. Our Extreme Interviewing process asks candidates to never work alone, and instead, to work as part of our team to determine if they are a good fit for us.
“That’s right: the entire …[Read more]

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People Offer Their Children To Us

Over the past several years, I’ve noticed a curious and predictable phenomena during our talks and tours. Inevitably, at the end, someone will approach me and hand me a business card.
“My son or daughter would love to work at …[Read more]

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In Praise of Vacation

Growing up, our family vacations were always the same. Both of my parents worked for the Public Schools, so we’d heading up to The Lake on July 5th and stay there until just about the end of August. There was …[Read more]

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Improv Theater

We typically describe the goal of our interview process as “Make your partner look as good as possible.” Because partners are often competing for the same position, this can be a hard concept to grasp for those who interview with …[Read more]

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Are You Easy to Work With?

As I’ve mentioned before, I start Menlo tours explaining to visitors they have come to a place that has very intentionally focused its culture on “the business value of joy.” Most visitors now come to us to learn about our …[Read more]

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My Experience with the Menlo Interview Process

Menlo Innovations periodically conducts an Extreme Interviewing event for participants of the Shifting Gears program. This happens once or twice a year, and provides our team with an opportunity to practice their communication and feedback skills. What follows is a …[Read more]

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Leadership and Inspiration

One of the wonderfully intangible benefits of receiving awards, such as the Top Small Company Workplaces award we just received from Inc. Magazine, is that most of these awards have a great conference attached to them. This month’s Inc. Leadership …[Read more]

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The Joy of a Menlo Internship

Guest Blogger: Maruška Marušáková, Menlo Innovations intern from Slovakia.
The first thing I remember about Menlo is asking myself, “Why are we all standing up and standing in a circle? And why are we passing a toy dog around? And …[Read more]

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