Jobs, Wozniak, Gates, Allen, Ford and Edison

Yesterday, we lost a great innovator, entrepreneur and dreamer.  Thank you Steve Jobs for the inspiration and vision for not only dreaming about what is possible, but showing all of us it is possible make dreams real.  There are moments …[Read more]

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People Offer Their Children To Us

Over the past several years, I’ve noticed a curious and predictable phenomena during our talks and tours. Inevitably, at the end, someone will approach me and hand me a business card.
“My son or daughter would love to work at …[Read more]

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Leadership and Inspiration

One of the wonderfully intangible benefits of receiving awards, such as the Top Small Company Workplaces award we just received from Inc. Magazine, is that most of these awards have a great conference attached to them. This month’s Inc. Leadership …[Read more]

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Technology Is No Longer the Constraint

I watched the Steve Jobs keynote yesterday when he introduced the iPad 2. I can’t help but to reflect on my own career in software development.
I first laid hands on a computer in 1971, when I was 13 years …[Read more]

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