How We Made JOY Our Competitive Advantage

“When you walk into the lobby of Menlo Innovations, you find yourself standing in the heart of what makes this company one of the most innovative and productive software development firms in the world.”
Wrote John Baldoni, a Forbes magazine …[Read more]

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Why I Work at Menlo

Stress and fatigue are common ailments of the modern knowledge worker; people spend their free-time and hard-earned money to manage the excess stress in all kinds of different ways. In my past life as a research scientist, the stress from …[Read more]

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Practical Joy

When visitors first hear of Menlo’s focus on joy, they find themselves confronted by what, at first, feels like an ethereal and fleeting concept within a business context.
Questions enter their mind:
Is joy practical?
Is it useful?
Is it …[Read more]

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Joy, Inc. is born!

Early in 2012, I received word from Penguin (now Penguin Random House) that a book proposal I had submitted had been accepted. I would have until March 1st, 2013 to submitted a 65,000 word manuscript on a book I had …[Read more]

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