Recognizing Crucial Conversations

The way we work at Menlo requires working closely with people even though you may disagree with them. It is important at these times to keep shared success in mind instead of bringing down your opponent. When disagreements occur, the …[Read more]

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Practical Joy

When visitors first hear of Menlo’s focus on joy, they find themselves confronted by what, at first, feels like an ethereal and fleeting concept within a business context.
Questions enter their mind:
Is joy practical?
Is it useful?
Is it …[Read more]

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Learning every day

In a place like Menlo, you don’t get to a point where you’ve learned all there is to learn about your job. I am reminded of that every day. I love that, and I thrive in this environment.
In the …[Read more]

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Finding Joy in the Cloud of Ambiguity

You know that feeling you get when you are in the midst of a problem that feels unsolvable or you are inundated by information that makes no sense at the moment? Welcome to what we at Menlo call “The Cloud …[Read more]

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A Design Assessment? What’s That?

“And then I’d go back to the homepage.”
“How would you do that?”
“I- uh, what do you mean? I’d just go back to the homepage…”
“How would you get there?”
“I…I guess I’d hit that button.”
“And then you’d …[Read more]

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Everyday Design: The Mystery of the Wet Floor

Design isn’t just for software or products. The layouts of a building or room within it are also designed.  Unfortunately, these aren’t strangers to bad design either.
My husband recently had surgery and I stayed on the fold-out bed while …[Read more]

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The Power of Pairing

I’ve been a developer at Menlo for nine years and am now a member of the team who is relied on for many things including programming, and process knowledge, mentoring abilities, and leadership skills. Menlo has taught me to be …[Read more]

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Everyday Design: Thank goodness for smart locks

I drive a basic SUV. I have automatic windows and locks but that’s just about it. My car won’t call people, and my seats are only heated if a butt is in them. However, I will never forget about the …[Read more]

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Joy, Inc. is born!

Early in 2012, I received word from Penguin (now Penguin Random House) that a book proposal I had submitted had been accepted. I would have until March 1st, 2013 to submitted a 65,000 word manuscript on a book I had …[Read more]

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Everyday Design: Gift receipt dilemma

I had an upcoming birthday party for my friend’s 4-year-old, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone. I went to one of those amazing stores where you can buy anything— groceries, car parts, a Christmas tree, a hamster and …[Read more]

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