White Papers

When Does Finding Fewer Bugs Equal Successful QA? pdficon NEW

We have built an effective Quality Advocacy program that results in fewer defects in the software we create. Do we use better tools and techniques than others? No. We have made quality the responsibility of every person on the team.

Agile Teams Require Agile QA pdficon

Integrating QA into an agile team does not have to be painful. It can be achieved using the Extreme Programming principles of communication, simplicity, feedback, and courage. This experience paper describes our journey to successful integration.

Rotating Leadership Successfully pdficon

A 48,000+ hour software development effort led by a series of eight different project managers? Yes. Each brought unique strengths, capabilities and working style, but effectively engaged the team and sponsor by using a simple, consistent process.

Overcoming Brooks' Law pdficon

Brooks' Law states: "Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later." See how we have overcome the constraint of Brooks' Law in the Menlo Software Factory™ and accomplish more when we increase the size of our teams.

Plans are Useless, but Planning is Indispensable pdficon

Project planning at Menlo is a repetitive cycle of "plan, execute and measure", rather than a single event at the beginning of the project. See how we have applied Extreme Programming practices to professional project management.

Estimation Is Not An Event, It's A Process! pdficon

How much effort is required for this new project? This critical question is alway asked when we know the least: at the beginning of the project. What approaches and tools are needed to be able to answer this question effectively?

Secrets of Software Success: The Nature of the Team pdficon

The IT industry has suffered famous and costly failures over the years. It is time for a different team model for software development and delivery. What does that new model look like and how do we put it together?

Extreme Programming Practices used to Facilitate Effective Project Management pdficon

When teams embrace Extreme Programming there is opportunity for a broad set of meaningful project management practices to become accessible to team members, while also making clear, unambiguous information available to the project managers.

Paired Programming in the Software Factory pdficon

We have experienced that the concept of "paired programming" has worked well. The benefits are significant; far outweighing the "cost" of having two programmers work on the same code. You still have questions. Here are our answers and experiences.

Extreme Programming Used to Establish the Culture of a High Performance Team pdficon

Management can often be frustrated by the inability of software development teams to respond quickly to changes in requirements. This paper recounts one organization's transformation to a high performance team using the practices of Extreme Programming.

Extreme Interviewing pdficon

Does pair programming in an open and collaborative work room have implications for hiring? You bet it does. This paper describes the unique interviewing and hiring process that has been in place at Menlo Innnovations since the beginning.