Here's a window into the life of a software developer at Menlo, revealing what sets them apart. The team at Menlo writes code using a weekly iterative and incremental approach. Working from storycards, as do the other team members at Menlo, developers employ a test-first/test-driven design. This ensures that the code in the current software application build is covered by automated unit tests. The practice also adheres to the tenets of object-oriented design and development. Their code typically has 95% code coverage by unit tests. New pair partners are assigned weekly, which helps ensure that code is critically reviewed as it is being written.

This test-driven development approach means our projects have a stronger architecture, fewer bugs, and a more flexible system for adding new functionality and its impact on the core product. Pairing and re-pairing ensures rapid transfer of knowledge and no singular dependency on a tower of knowledge that could ultimately threaten the success of the project.

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