Vidatak is a small company that makes a big difference. They created an “EZ Board”: a tool that helps critically ill and non-vocal patients communicate with their loved ones and care providers. The EZ Board lists common words and phrases for patients to point to in order to articulate their needs. With the success of the EZ Board, Vidatak decided to expand its reach by creating a version of the board that could be accessed as a multilingual iPad application. This also helps hospitals have just-in-time inventory to better meet the needs of their limited English proficiency patients.

Vidatalk screenshot

Menlo Innovations partnered with Vidatak to modify the EZ Board for an iPad application. The Menlo High-Tech Anthropologists® started by performing a cognitive walkthrough of the client’s initial designs and, based on their findings, they made improvements. Then they took the re-designs into a hospital setting in order to assess them with patients and nurses.

During the assessments, the HTAs were able to see firsthand how patients expected to be able to navigate the application, how they wanted to express themselves, and what features they found most useful. These valuable insights helped the HTAs further refine the designs to better suit the needs of real users.

The team was thrilled to hear what the very first customer of the app had to say:

"First off, let me tell you what a great job you did with this app. My grandfather is in the hospital and is intubated and clearly frustrated trying to communicate. I came home and did a Google search and discovered your app…When my wife, who is an elder care provider, saw the app she became very excited. She works with a few clients who have had strokes and knows the app will work with them too. I gifted her the app right away."

Learn more about Vidatak on their website: