"How many of us are one person at home and a completely different person at work? This may be the biggest danger of the modern workplace: that we are practically forced to live a lie most of our waking hours and then we go home to self-medicate - literally or figuratively - to avoid looking at our side of the mask." Rich Sheridan, Chief Joy Officer

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New book release by Chief Storyteller & CEO, Rich Sheridan: “Chief Joy Officer”

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Project Management: The Menlo Way™ workshop

At Menlo Innovations, we have developed creative and impactful project manager processes that encompass the values and practices of “agile” and "lean" design and development. Our project managers are the magic behind the juggling act of: overseeing project goals and delivering project expectations, advocating for the client’s needs, managing project budgets and ensuring the client experience is joyful. To facilitate this juggling act, Menlo has devised project management strategies that are enacted the minute a potential client walks in the door!

This one day workshop is structured using the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Guide and Standards. Your interactive experience includes writing story cards, estimating project time with your team, building work authorization boards to track project status, and communicating project status with clients. Every participant will be provided with take-away materials to guide you through implementing these learned practices in your own work environment.

All workshop dates are contingent upon minimum participant enrollment.

Duration:  1 Day

Cost:  $850.00

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