Chief Joy Officer wins the 2018 Gold Nautilus Book Award for the category Business and Leadership!

The Nautilus Book Award is given out each year to books in the genre of social and environmental justice.

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Nautilus Award Gold Winner

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Test Driven Development

Many companies struggle with large unruly codebases that only a handful of experts are capable of maintaining. To make matters worse, this code is often riddled with difficult quality issues that require constant attention. Test Driven Development (TDD), in the context of paired programming, is a way of collaboratively designing the code so that the entire team is set up for success. Done well, TDD facilitates knowledge transfer, creates living documentation, and pulls the cost of quality forward, by ensuring that the code consistently behaves as expected.

In this two-day workshop participants will get hands-on experience with TDD in a paired context by embedding in a Menlo project.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Architect as a team
  • Work with a partner to design behavior and functionality
  • Write and maintain unit tests
  • Facilitate a Show & Tell meeting with a project sponsor (where the completed work is demonstrated)
  • Collaborate with other roles
  • Work to authorized storycards


Duration:  2 Days

Cost:  $2,000.00

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