Our Practices

The core of the Menlo Way is an integrated project team. Each role advocates for a key aspect of a project’s success by drawing upon different perspectives, tools and data.

High-Tech Anthropologists® study end users and use those insights to design effective solutions. At Menlo, this role blends the work and skills of field researcher, business analyst, consultant, and user experience/interface designer.

Software Developers at Menlo blend the jobs of software architect, back end programmer, front end programmer, database analyst, and others as needed. They are language and platform agnostic, in order to meet the particular needs of each client. Our developers are also consultants, interacting directly with stakeholders throughout the life of each project.

Project Managers maintain transparency and coordination by being the primary point of contact between the stakeholder and the team. They empower clients to effectively steer their projects, while ensuring that expectations are met and obstacles are removed.

Quality Advocates comprehensively evaluate software throughout the development cycle, keeping design integrity, business goals, and user perspectives in balance. They insure that quality is part of the discussion at every stage, and that the end product is delivered with the highest possible quality within time and budget.