"How many of us are one person at home and a completely different person at work? This may be the biggest danger of the modern workplace: that we are practically forced to live a lie most of our waking hours and then we go home to self-medicate - literally or figuratively - to avoid looking at our side of the mask." Rich Sheridan, Chief Joy Officer

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New book release by Chief Storyteller & CEO, Rich Sheridan: “Chief Joy Officer”

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Come visit and ask us anything. Really.

Maybe you’re thinking about partnering with us on a project and want to get a better feel for who we are. Or maybe one of Rich’s books on workplace joy has piqued your curiosity about what’s really possible. Come and see for yourself! Take one of our public tours or let us set up something tailored to your needs and interests. Bring your team. Bring a friend. We look forward to meeting you!

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Take a Quick Tour of Our Environment & Culture

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Menlo Factory Tour

Join us for this 90-minute tour to explore how we created our joyful, award-winning work environment and to hear about the world-class products we have created for our clients. The session includes a walking tour of the Menlo Software Factory™ and time for Q&A with a tour guide.

This public factory tour is offered on the first Monday of every month. Our public factory tours often fill quickly! If a Menlo Factory Tour isn't available on a date that's convenient for you, consider registering for the Joy, Inc. Factory Tour. You can also call or email us to learn more about other opportunities to visit the Software Factory™.

Duration: 90 Minutes Cost: Free

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Private Factory Tour

Maybe you and your team would like a more customized visit. A private tour is your opportunity to explore the Menlo environment and culture in a way that meets your group’s needs and schedule. A pair of Menlonians will guide you through the Menlo “factory” and give you time to ask questions about our processes and how they could fit into your organization. In the private setting of this tour, your group can drive the experience toward what is most meaningful or valuable to attendees.

Duration: 2 Hours Cost: $150/person with a minimum of $750

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