Our tours of Menlo Innovations' factory floor have now gone virtual. We'll spend 90 minutes together sharing Menlo's history, values, culture and practices - and how we've transitioned to where we are today.


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Cultural Transformation Workshop

All organizations have a culture. But is yours an intentional culture, or a default culture? Most are default cultures defined by the personalities hired, a lack of expectations around critical behaviors, and a lack of trust and/or systems to support an intentional culture. This leads to dysfunction, tension, and inefficiencies that can lead to stress for everyone. Fortunately, it's never too late to start working toward the intentional culture you want.

Over the course of this workshop, the Menlo team will take your organization through a series of engaging exercises to help you begin to identify ways in which your current company culture differs from the culture you want. The goal of this workshop is not to steer you toward a specific culture, but rather to give you tools to be intentional about creating and reinforcing a culture that will work for your organization.

You will come away from this experience with a better understanding of the issues your organization is facing and some food for thought about ways you could approach tackling them. Additionally, we will guide you through identifying the best places for you to start running small but meaningful experiments.

Having helped companies of assorted sizes and in industries ranging from software to insurance to oil and gas make meaningful change, we are happy to assist any organization with their challenges. Before the workshop, we will have a series of pre-calls to help us understand your company and the context in which it operates. As we want to set your team up for success, please note that we may suggest a larger cultural transformation engagement if we think more comprehensive support will be required to bring about change.

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