"How many of us are one person at home and a completely different person at work? This may be the biggest danger of the modern workplace: that we are practically forced to live a lie most of our waking hours and then we go home to self-medicate - literally or figuratively - to avoid looking at our side of the mask." Rich Sheridan, Chief Joy Officer

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New book release by Chief Storyteller & CEO, Rich Sheridan: “Chief Joy Officer”

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Process Consulting: Getting the real picture

Things change. Organizations grow, shrink, retool, rethink. Maybe what worked for your company five years ago isn't working anymore. Or maybe it never really did. But it's not always obvious where the problem lies or how to fix it.

Process Consulting: Getting the real picture

An Outside Perspective

Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to see the snags in your processes or where the opportunities for improvement lie. Our High-Tech Anthropologists® can help you discover those opportunities through field research, using observation and interviews to tease out the gaps, obstacles, pain points, and creative workarounds—in other words, how things are really getting done (or not). We make recommendations that are actionable, suggesting concrete changes you can sink your teeth into. We then support you through the implementation process, helping you iterate on the recommendations based on the feedback you receive.

To tune up that process that's been holding you back, contact us at: info@menloinnovations.com

"I simply don't think we could have done what needed to be done without involving Menlo in this process, certainly not with the success we've had and not nearly as quickly as we did."

Jennifer BairdAccuri Cytometers President & CEO