Our tours of Menlo Innovations' factory floor have now gone virtual. We'll spend 90 minutes together sharing Menlo's history, values, culture and practices - and how we've transitioned to where we are today.


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We have a passion for sharing our knowledge with others.

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Come learn about joy at Menlo—and bring it back home afterward. No part of our process is a trade secret. In fact, we’re passionate about sharing what we’ve learned. Our mission, which we take very seriously, is to “end human suffering as it relates to technology.®” That includes creating a better and more meaningful work life, not just for ourselves but for everyone.

Sharing who we are and what we’re about is central to our culture, so we’re thrilled that thousands of people come through our doors every year to learn more about Menlo. Some want a quick introduction through one of our tours. Others want something more in-depth, a chance to learn some of our techniques and processes in a class or hands-on workshop. A growing number of visitors want an even deeper, more immersive experience through our on-site coaching and mentoring. Our goal: to help each visitor return home inspired and ready to move forward on their own path toward joy.

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All Topics
The Menlo Way
High-Tech Anthropology® (UX Design)
Project Management
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Intro to The Menlo Way®
Come experience The Menlo Way®, the joyful and disciplined methodologies that enable our team to collaborate, make mistakes faster, focus on end users, and honor a 40 hour work week.
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Menlo Factory Tour
Paired programming? Visual management? User-centered design? You bet! Come spend 90 minutes peaking into the world of Menlo to learn about the evolution of our values, culture, and practices over time.
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Lead With Joy
Gallup reports that 60-70% of employees are disengaged at work, costing the world $7.8 trillion annually in lost productivity. So, how can your company flip that statistic? With intentionally joyful leadership.
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HTA: Designing User-Centered Solutions
Come gain hands-on experience with Menlo's human centered design process. You'll learn how to reduce the risk of projects failing by ensuring solutions meet the needs of end users.
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Project Management Workshop
Learn how Menlo's unique approach to project management, which emphasizes visual artifacts and clear communication, gives clients and project teams transparent project control and predictable outcomes.
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Prosperity Project Lunch Panel
Our employee feedback and promotion process is team-run, reinforcing Menlo's cultural values of joy, collaboration, and collective ownership. Learn how we provide actionable feedback and promote the team!
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