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Story Mapping Workshop

One of the most helpful prioritization and alignment tools we use here at Menlo is the story map. An incredibly flexible tool, story maps foster collaborative decision making and alignment between different project stakeholders, facilitate prioritization conversations between team members, and add transparency to projects. How? By creating big-picture views of projects that expose potential problems long before they create chaos. With potential problems identified, they can be solved or accounted for in the planning phase; as we all know, rain isn't nearly as big of a deal if you've brought an umbrella with you!

This four-hour workshop includes hands-on activities that will not only teach you how to scope and build a story map but teach you how to effectively interpret it as well. Learn how to build consensus, identify project pitfalls, re-prioritize, and respond effectively to changes in project timelines and budget in the context of both software and non-software domains. Whether you already consider yourself an expert at your own project planning systems or are brand new to the idea, join us to learn how story maps can help you in both your professional and personal life!

You will come away knowing how to:

  • Create a story map to flesh out the high-level plan for a project
  • Interpret a story map to identify potential problems before they arise
  • Understand the tradeoffs caused by reprioritizing in response to changes in timeline and budget
  • Build clarity and consensus among stakeholders regarding a project's timeline and priorities
  • Get story mapping started at your organization

This workshop is best for those who organize teams, manage long-term projects or pieces of them, or regularly fight fires when dealing with project deadlines and stakeholder expectations. This workshop is applicable regardless of industry or level.

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