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Being intentional about restoring JOY...through our culture

When you interact with us for any length of time, you start to notice there’s something different about Menlonians. That's due in large part to a culture that's dedicated to making people feel safe. Why? Because fear kills joy.

Clients tell us we're more open, more transparent, and more engaged than any other company they know.

Work in Progress

When we pump fear out of the room, amazing things start to happen. People generate more creative ideas and ask more meaningful questions. They skip long, unproductive meetings in favor of running experiments so they can make mistakes faster and get to solutions sooner. 

Pretty much everything you encounter at Menlo comes out of experiments we've run. We're always innovating, always changing, always looking for new ways to solve problems and delight clients and the people who use what we create. Like everything else at Menlo, our culture is a work in progress.

Work and Life—How We Find Balance

It's not a poster on our wall or an HR policy; we build balance right from the start into our processes. By tearing down silos with rotating pairs and projects, no one needs to take a laptop on vacation. Through test-driven development and our QA process, we eliminate late-night and weekend phone calls to put out fires. We often bring home to work, but we never bring work home.

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Work and Life—How We Find Balance
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Being intentional about restoring JOY...through our team

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