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Transformation Consulting: Bringing it home

So you’ve done the tour, taken the classes, read the books. Now what? That’s the question we hear most often: how do I bring this back to my company? What would actually work in our world, and how can we make it happen?

We have a saying at Menlo: let’s run the experiment.

Transformation Consulting: Bringing it home

Start Small

Many organizations take a "burn the boats" approach to change. They try huge initiatives that are given no room for failure. At Menlo, we start with identifying the problem that needs to be solved and then design an experiment for solving it.

Be Intentional

Maybe you’ve tried a few things on your own and now want to take it to the next level but aren’t sure where to go next.

We can help. Increasingly, Menlo’s transformation consultants are partnering with organizations to craft and run experiments to shift their culture toward joy. We visit, get to know your unique culture and goals, then customize an approach for you. Some companies embed their folks at Menlo for a period of time; others bring us on site to work as team members. Still others turn to us for long-distance coaching, checking in on a regular basis for feedback and direction.

Joy at your organization will look different from anywhere else. We’re passionate about helping you get there, whatever it takes.

To start the discussion about bringing joy to your culture, contact: info@menloinnovations.com

"A visit to Menlo Innovations will jump-start a change in the way executives approach their way of working..."

Marni FechterCo-Creation Partners, Consultant