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Custom Software: Building the right solution

What does it mean to be a custom software shop? For starters, it means we never assume one size fits all. We approach each project with an open mind, letting its needs dictate what technology and language we’ll use. If you need a new mobile or web app, an update to a legacy system, or software to drive your hardware, that’s what we’ll do. We’ve been developing custom software since 2001, and there’s not a lot we haven’t done.

Custom Software: Building the right solution

How do we create teams that come up to speed quickly on various languages and platforms? Primarily, we pair with each other. It’s the best way we’ve found to transfer expertise and swiftly grow solid teams. Visitors to Menlo invariably ask if our developers really code in pairs—and, if so, do they really do it all the time. The answer to both questions is yes.

At Menlo, nobody codes alone. We share a keyboard, monitor, and mouse with our partner all day, every day. "OK," say our visitors, "but do you also really do test-driven development? Do you really write your tests first and then your code?" Again, the answer is yes. We don’t do these things just because they’re fun (although they are); we do them because they help us to create quality software that actually works.

You won’t hear our phone ringing off the hook with frantic calls about bugs or crashes because, in our world, they’re virtually non-existent.


Curious about what technologies we've worked in? Here's a sampling:

Languages: C, C#, C++, Cobol, HTML5/CSS3, Java, Javascript, MUMPS, Objective C, Python, R, Ruby, Swift, Typescript, Visual Basic

Databases: Access, FoxPro, MS SQL Server, MySQL, NoSQL, PostgreSQL

Development Frameworks: Angular, Aurelia, Bootstrap, Django, EmberJS, Ionic, .NET, Node.js, React+Redux, React Native, Rails

Testing Frameworks: Chai, Enzyme, Jasmine, JUnit, Karma, MenloUnit, Mocha, Moq, NUnit, Sinon, TestDouble, QUnit

Cloud: Amazon Web Services (Cognito, DynamoDB, Lambda, EBS, S3), Auth0, Azure, Heroku, IIS


Build a Desktop Application

Menlo has many years of experience building applications for both Windows and macOS desktop platforms. These applications have been used by large and small organizations in a diverse set of domains, including healthcare, logistics, and gaming.

Build a Mobile Application

Menlo can help you build a mobile application, whether iOS, Android, or cross-platform. A common question that arises is whether to prioritize iOS or Android in development. Businesses also usually have concerns around maintaining two code bases for each mobile OS. Using a build-once / deploy-twice model, our team can build a single application that can be deployed to both Android and iOS.

Build a Web Application

Menlo developers are fluent in the latest web app and cloud computing technologies. We have experience delivering both consumer-facing and enterprise web applications. Even within cloud-computing services like AWS and Azure, it can be confusing to figure out which options to choose to meet your cost and scale needs. Our team can help you choose the right technologies to host and scale your application according to your business goals.

Modernize a Legacy System

If you are wrestling with a decades-old system or software built in technology that is no longer supported, the Menlo team can help you transition your system to a modern platform. We have years of experience in both replacing and building on top of legacy technology. We will speak COBOL, FoxPro or MUMPS should the need arise.

Building Team Capacity

In the spirit of teaching your team "how to fish" rather than "giving them fish," the Menlo team can pair with your developers on your project, doing real work, while coaching your team on paired programming, test-driven development, and visual management. The objective of this approach is to help you build a highly functional and collaborative team while getting your project done.

Outsourcing Developer Needs

Our team has extensive experience helping clients who have just lost their development teams or are stretched too thin for one reason or another. In many organizations, a single developer may hold so much knowledge that losing them would almost cripple the business. Menlo can provide a flexible development team that you scale up and down as business needs change.

To start a conversation around your software project, please contact us at info@menloinnovations.com or join us on a virtual tour.

"They have the development covered so we can focus on the business. Their value goes far beyond software development because they want us to succeed as a business, and they help us do that."

Robert CzachorskiH2Ometrics Co-founder