Our Culture

On entering the Menlo space (affectionately known as the “factory”) you will notice some of the things that make Menlo distinctive: wide open space, index cards tacked to the walls, sophisticated machinery next to sticky notes and markers, and overall a busy, energetic hum of activity.

These are outward manifestations of Menlo’s culture.

Our space reflects our culture: open and transparent, collaborative, and democratic. Even as a visitor, you can tell the status of any project by looking at the large boards on the walls, filled with index cards and colored dots. Work at Menlo is visible to everyone, and the team feels ownership for all projects.

Working in pairs is standard practice here. Pairs are rotated regularly to distribute knowledge so that projects can quickly scale and can continue if someone is out of the factory. Each person brings a fresh set of ideas and a second set of eyes at every stage, resulting in higher quality output. There is a good chance you’ll see a client or two in the factory. Collaborative show-and-tells and work prioritization sessions happen weekly. This ongoing interaction ensures our products truly meet client needs.

There are no offices and cubicles. The CEO sits at a table that looks no different than any other workspace in the room. In our flat organization, everyone is expected to be a leader and a team player. In order to do so, we seek out feedback and take it seriously, whether from a client, a senior colleague, or the newest member of the team.

There’s also a good chance you will see a dog or baby around. Dogs and babies in the factory were one of our “experiments” around improving our own culture. They help maintain a work-life balance, and the babies keep us on our best behavior.

Sound intriguing? Come visit!