What's in a Name?

In 1879, in his Menlo Park lab, Thomas Edison lit an incandescent light bulb that burned for 13 hours. It wasn’t the first light bulb, but it was a breakthrough that brought practical, affordable electric lighting to the world. This revolutionary innovation wasn’t the product of a genius working alone; it required an entirely different kind of team and culture.

At Greenfield Village, a Detroit-area living history museum highlighting American innovation, eight-year-old Rich Sheridan was introduced to the magic of Edison’s world. Visiting the reconstructed Menlo Park lab spoke to him in a significant way that he didn’t yet understand but never forgot.

Over a century after that historical innovation, our founders sought a name for the company they were beginning to build. Deciding to name the company in honor of Menlo Park was powerful; Edison’s team and lab modeled the culture the founders desired to cultivate in the company we call Menlo Innovations.