EDISON'S INVENTION FACTORY Edison's Invention Factory

Founded in 2001, Menlo Innovations was inspired by the creative and productive work environment demonstrated at Thomas Edison's Menlo Park, New Jersey "Invention Factory." By 2007, Menlo had become one of Inc. 500's fastest growing privately held firms in the US. What makes this story truly remarkable is that it occurred against the backdrop of an IT industry that everyone assumed was leaving the US for offshore.

Menlo's Liberty Factory

Like Edison, the driving factor behind everything Menlo does is to create useful and marketable products that deliver real business value. The principles of the team environment that Edison established over 120 years ago still hold true today.


Menlo has replicated Edison's concept of a truly open and collaborative environment - all team members work side by side in a large, open, brick-walled workspace. No barriers (cubes, offices, or otherwise) limit communication within or between project teams. As Edison experienced, this fosters greater productivity and collaboration, in part, because people stop operating as individual heroes. Instead, the stream of thought and ideas proposed by one is improved upon by others among the team.

In this noisy, fun atmosphere Menlo has produced software for all walks of industry from health care, to scientific equipment, to high-fashion ecommerce, to diesel motor vehicle diagnostics, and many more.

Menlo's Liberty Factory

As the name suggests, Menlo Innovations is constantly generating and testing new approaches to solve the challenges with which the team is presented. With the strength of the collaborative ideas generated, the Menlo Software Factory™ team has not yet faced a problem they could not successfully solve together.