2020 calls for a different kind of office holiday party. Maybe you’re not able to safely gather, or if you can – it’s so different than years past you’d rather not. But you still want to come together and celebrate getting through the year. At Menlo, we believe joy comes from learning and growing together. Check out three ways we can help you Keep the Joy this holiday season.


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Keep the Joy: Three Alternatives to the Office Holiday Party

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Menlo Software Factory Virtual Tour: Holiday Edition

We’ve now hosted our 100th virtual tour of the Menlo Software Factory since June 5, 2020! This has been a very popular virtual experience. One of Menlo’s co-founders, Rich or James, will take you and your team through Menlo’s history, values, culture and practices – and how we’ve transitioned to the remote environment of today. We’re thrilled to share what we’ve learned! After the tour, we’ll debrief with your team to get at the ‘big idea’ from the experience and what experiment could be implemented tomorrow! 2 hours.

Cost: $500/for every 10 attendees

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Menlo Software Factory Virtual Tour: Holiday Edition

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