What does joy look like to our clients’ project managers? We’ve found it looks something like this: transparent control over the project with predictable outcomes. At Menlo, our clients have complete control of the project’s direction. At any given moment, they know exactly where the project stands—how much progress has been made, the estimated cost for each step, and how the budget is holding up.

In this 4 hour virtual interactive workshop, you’ll get an introduction to the methodologies we use to bring joy, transparency, and control to project management.

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Volunteering with Generus

November 24, 2020

This year, Menlonians kicked off the holiday season by virtually volunteering with Generus, making videos to share as visits with older adults suffering from isolation and loneliness. Due to the pandemic, many older adults are unable to have visitors - especially those in nursing homes or long-term care facilities. 

We had the honor of being joined by actor Gail Bennett, who played Mary Poppins on Broadway. Gail talked with us about the art of storytelling, teaching us how to share our stories effectively and engaging us with her own personal anecdotes. Having such a dynamic and passionate host truly made this a fun and meaningful event!

You can watch our short video about our experience below:

Menlo Innovations

If you're interested in participating, you can find details about this and other volunteering opportunities on Generus' website. Thank you again to Generus and Gail Bennett for hosting the event and sharing such a joyful experience with us!