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January 2022 Menlo Bits


My Journey to Menlo: From a Skeptic

The journey to Menlo looks different for all Menlonians, and this has to do with our non-traditional, but intentional hiring practices. With our culture being key to our organization, we’re always thoughtful of who we bring on the team, and the unique perspectives they can bring. Because of this, our team members have all kinds of stories of their journey to success at Menlo, and we’re happy to share them!

This story comes from one of our software developers, Jenny McBride, sharing her perspectives initially as a client, then as a Menlonian herself. Read about her journey here!


Thomas Edison's Weird Job Interview Trick Is Actually Backed by Modern Science
Using what to screen candidates?

It's no secret Menlo has a unique approach to the hiring process, but we must admit this method might not have crossed our mind... Thomas Edison would use an unusual interview tactic that is either crazy, or genius.

Read the full article here!


We Want to Hear From YOU!
Time for a new design...

To kick off 2022, we're looking at putting some new items in our Menlo Store! Tell us about what design you like best, and what product(s) you'd like to see it on. Take our three-question survey here!


Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard

Authors: Chip Heath and Dan Heath

Recommended by: Mollie Callahan, Senior High-Tech Anthropologist®

For organizations and individuals trying, but struggling to change, Switch (one of 4 best-selling books co-authored by Chip and Dan Heath) lays out a 3-part formula for success that combines memorable vocabulary with actionable tips. They frame the problem as simple and universal: all change efforts regardless of size or scale depend on the adoption of new behaviors. But, getting ourselves and others to adopt new behaviors requires aligning the competing wants of our analytical self (The Rider) and our emotional self (The Elephant). “For individuals’ behavior to change, you’ve got to influence not only their environment, but their hearts and minds.” They argue that change becomes easier when adhering to the following steps that are designed to work with, rather than against our natural tendencies:  

1. Direct the Rider by reducing the ambiguity of where you are heading and how to get there. This can be achieved by exploring and Following Bright Spots (those things already working well), Scripting Critical Moves (focusing on small, concrete behaviors vs. big picture ideas), and Pointing to the Destination by clarifying the end goal and reason.

2. Motivate the Elephant by Finding the Feeling that makes the change emotionally impactful, Shrinking the Change by breaking down daunting efforts into small, low-stake steps, and Growing Your People so identities align with change efforts.

3. Shape the Path by Tweaking the Environment to force the desired outcome, Building Habits to support automated routines and Rallying the Herd to spread change.

One of my favorite ideas from the book is the “destination postcard” –“a vivid picture from the near-term future that shows what could be possible.” As the authors explain, in painting a rewarding vision of what follows hard work, “destination postcards do double duty: They show the Rider where you’re headed, and they show the Elephant why the journey is worthwhile.”

Packed with compelling case studies and cross-disciplinary research, Switch is a must-read for those looking to understand change and expand their methodological toolkits. Those familiar with other change management frameworks, such as Vital Smart’s Influencer Model, will find complimentary resonances that can be creatively leveraged in a wide variety of settings. The simplicity and flexibility of the framework outlined in Switch is what makes it so powerful.

Get a copy for yourself here!

Our 3rd Virtual XI... With Guests!

Last week we held our third virtual Extreme Interview (XI)! 24 candidates, 31 Menlonians and new this time – several special guests. We often invite guests who are respected professionals involved in hiring at other organizations to our Extreme Interviews, but this was the first time we have invited guests to our Virtual Extreme Interview event. We’re pleased to share that the event once again went smoothly – and our guests gave us great feedback.

“It was a Joy (couldn’t resist) to be with the Menlo team again and take part in the experiment. Menlo has a clear identity that the whole organization rallies around.”

 - Tim T., Special Guest Observer



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