Our tours of Menlo Innovations' factory floor have now gone virtual. We'll spend 90 minutes together sharing Menlo's history, values, culture and practices - and how we've transitioned to where we are today.


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A Fresh Taste of High-Tech Anthropology®

During this 60-minute session you’ll get a taste of Menlo’s High-Tech Anthropology® (HTA) process, so bring your snacks and your trickiest questions. Day-to-day, our High-Tech Anthropologists® study end users in their native work environments in order to design software that best meets those users’ goals, but the process can be applied to any industry or business challenge. In fact, our High-Tech Anthropologists® regularly use our HTA process to help clients solve cultural issues and tensions within their organizations that are completely unrelated to software.

Come learn about the benefits of observing end users, assessing iterative designs with the them, and creating workflows. Additionally, see the other tools we use and visuals we create to capture and distill information that will help us mitigate the risk of a failed end product. These steps build the foundation for user-friendly designs tailored to target persona(s) – for products or services that are actually adopted (and even enJOYed!) rather than tossed to the side or treated like paperweights.

You will:

  • Talk with Menlonians who who are subject matter experts in High-Tech Anthropology®!
  • Discover how design informed by end-user observations and interviews helps reduce the risk of project failure
  • Gain a new perspective on how to approach your own design projects
  • Hear stories about how we've implemented our HTA process across an assortment of projects and industries
  • See the tools we use to prioritize end-users, create stakeholder alignment, run design assessments, and more

This panel is great for people of any role and organizational level, offering a new way to view users of any product or service.

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