Our Software Development team focuses on implementation, using a test-driven design and development approach. Developers work in pairs on a variety of projects, rotating pair partners and/or projects on a weekly basis. 

At Menlo, it's not as important to be an expert in any particular language, but to be willing and able to learn new languages when needed. Sharing your technical and project knowledge with other team members is a natural part of the process, preventing any one person from becoming a tower of knowledge.

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High-Tech Anthropology® Part 1: Discovery Tour (Virtual)

Help your users achieve their goals through technology! Our High-Tech Anthropologists® study end-users in their own work environment in order to design software that best meets users’ goals. In this 90-minute virtual tour experience, you’ll spend the first 60 minutes walking through the Discovery part of Menlo’s High-Tech Anthropology® process. Learn how we collect the data from observations and interviews, then debrief and synthesize into usable information. This informs persona development and the creation of a Problem/Opportunity statement, which helps manage scope on a project. Workflows are introduced and covered more fully in the Design virtual tour. 30 minutes are set aside at the end for in-depth questions and answers.

Your tour will be led by a pair of Menlonians who can speak to both in-person and virtual data collection and synthesis. A great way to preview the High-Tech Anthropology® process if you’re embarking on a design project or attending our High-Tech Anthropology workshop. Bring your questions!

If you have a larger group or would like a more customized experience, we highly recommend booking a private session to ensure the best experience. Private sessions are customized directly to your group's needs.

Prerequisite for attending the High-Tech Anthropology® Part 2: Design Virtual Tour

Duration:  60 Minutes + 30 Minutes of Q & A

Cost:  Free

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