"How many of us are one person at home and a completely different person at work? This may be the biggest danger of the modern workplace: that we are practically forced to live a lie most of our waking hours and then we go home to self-medicate - literally or figuratively - to avoid looking at our side of the mask." Rich Sheridan, Chief Joy Officer

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New book release by Chief Storyteller & CEO, Rich Sheridan: “Chief Joy Officer”

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Business Value of Joy

Sure, joy sounds great, but how does it affect the bottom line? Why should we care about it in a business context? In this four- or eight-hour customizable session, immerse yourself in the business value of joy. This experience includes a walking tour of “the factory” and plenty of time for discussion and questions. We’ll provide an experience tailored for your group on a topic of your choosing. Some examples might include: building the culture you really want, using High-Tech Anthropology® to create products people want to use, hiring the right people through Extreme Interviewing, using visual management to plan and track projects, and pursuing democratic leadership.

Duration:  4 - 8 Hours

Cost:  $475 per person or a 4 hour minimum of $4750 OR
$950 per person or an 8 hour minimum of $9500

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