We're ready to hire Software Developers and Quality Advocates! If you are interested in joining our team, please click the link below. We are doing a series of (virtual) Extreme Interviews and will contact you when we have the next one scheduled!


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We're hiring Software Developers!

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Business Value of Joy® (Virtual)

Sure, joy sounds great, but how does it affect the bottom line? Why should we care about it in a business context?

In this customizable session, immerse yourself in the business value of joy. This experience includes a virtual tour of “the factory” and plenty of time for discussion and questions. We’ll provide an experience tailored for your group on a topic of your choosing. Some examples might include: building the culture you really want, using High-Tech Anthropology® to create products people want to use, hiring the right people through Extreme Interviewing, using visual management to plan and track projects, how to promote collaboration in your work environment, and pursuing democratic leadership.

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Duration:  Variable

Cost:  Variable

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