Culture Workshop

All organizations have a culture. But is yours an intentional culture, or a default culture? Most are default cultures defined by the personalities hired, the lack of expectations around critical behaviors, a lack of trust and/or a lack of systems to support an intentional culture.

These default cultures can work well for a long time until one day they don't, and no one knows why. When a default culture suddenly gets off track it is impossible to know what will get it back. The critical systems needed to reinforce every cultural intention are undefined and missing, so
there is nothing to repair. The organization comes to rely on personalities and attitudes instead of a solid purpose.

Menlo Innovations provides a unique approach to transforming to an intentional culture. Our own cultural practices developed over nearly 20 years, and are honed through multiple years of organizational process and culture change engagements for industry clients. Our customized ‘Intentional Culture’ workshops help organizations answer these key questions:

  • What kind of culture do we want / need to be?
  • What systems do we currently have in place that prevent us from having the culture we want?
  • What can help build processes that intentionally reinforce the culture we want?
  • How can we foster a mindset that encourages teams and leadership to solve problems?
  • How do we scale our culture by attracting, onboarding, and cultivating the right talent?

Over the course of 2-1/2 days, the Menlo team will take your organization through a series of engaging exercises to help your team get at the answers to these questions – in a way that’s right for your organization.

Day 1: Defining Your Culture
In the first day, learn about the ‘Culture Concept’ and examine how culture works at Menlo through tours and discussion. Then, a series of guided brainstorming sessions will help answer questions such as:

  • How do we diagnose where our culture is falling short?
  • What characteristics and behaviors do we see in our employees today that we want to build on?
  • What is shaping our culture? Purpose or personalities?

To illustrate how this process starts on ‘day zero’ at Menlo, a lunch panel of Menlonians will be available to speak to their experiences. The panel will discuss Menlo’s practices of peer feedback and team cultivation of leadership. Menlo will host your organization for dinner that evening to further debrief on the day.

Day 2: Designing Culture Change
The second day focuses on the application of processes and practices for designing change. Participants will have an opportunity to learn via hands-on activities including:

  • Outward Mindset exercises - how does your role affect the culture?
  • Activities to identify vital behaviors that hold a culture together

The day will conclude with brainstorming experiment design approaches such as:

  • Identify and prioritize common themes for your ideal culture
  • What systems are necessary to support an intentional culture?
  • Expanding broader team participation in the process for trust and buy-in

Lunch will include a presentation of short case studies, highlighting experiences from the field with other organizations who are running Menlo-inspired experiments. Dinner will be on your own.

Day 3: Implementing and Supporting Cultural Change (1/2 day; full day optional)
On this final day, Menlo will continue to help your team move from ideas to the concrete design of select experiments. Through small group work, the day will focus on:

  • Designing a variety of experiments
  • Building an assessment plan of the experiments
  • Presenting to the broader team for prioritization

The Menlo-led workshop program ends with lunch. There is an option for your team to remain on-site at Menlo for the rest of the day. You may wish to debrief privately with your team and further leverage the offsite time together.

Ongoing Consulting for Cultural Change
Menlo will provide three complimentary sessions of ongoing support with 60-minute check in calls at 30, 60 and 90 days post-workshop to support your change process. Some organizations may also seek more in-depth and hands-on coaching with Menlo consultants. We’re happy to discuss your needs and craft an additional support plan as desired.

Who should attend?
We recommend bringing at least six leaders representing all levels of your organization, with a group of ten or more being optimal. Attending together provides a common vocabulary and learning experience that they can take back and support each other during the transformation. The cost of attending is $2,400 per attendee and includes:

  • Two and half days of training
  • Breakfast and lunch on all days
  • A hosted dinner
  • Scheduled follow up calls
  • An option for meeting space at the end of day three

To get your team’s Intentional Culture workshop date reserved, please contact or call us at 734-665-1847.

Duration:  2-1/2 Days

Cost:  $2400

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