2020 calls for a different kind of office holiday party. Maybe you’re not able to safely gather, or if you can – it’s so different than years past you’d rather not. But you still want to come together and celebrate getting through the year. At Menlo, we believe joy comes from learning and growing together. Check out three ways we can help you Keep the Joy this holiday season.


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Keep the Joy: Three Alternatives to the Office Holiday Party

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Extreme Interviewing: Your Version (Virtual)

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What is really happening when you hear, “We need more people!”? This is not simply a cry for increased headcount but a need to quickly increase the output of the team. Traditional interviewing consists of a candidate arriving at an appointed time and, over the course of an hour or two hours sits across from one or a number of people and acts on their best behavior. Menlo co-founder James Goebel may take it a step further describing this time as ‘two people sitting across the table lying to each other.’ This can create a false sense of fit as well as a bottleneck due to the need for coordination of a number of team schedules. This can limit the number of candidates that can be interviewed and long delays can occur between meeting candidates. This can skew results to who was the most recent interview, or drive for a result before the right candidate is found. Does this really find the best candidate and properly prepare new team members for what’s to come? 

New team members need to learn not only your product and technologies, but quickly adopt the cultural practices they need to be successful in their new role. These behaviors and skill sets can be introduced and exposed to candidates during our Extreme Interview process, giving them the opportunity to showcase their fit – or, opt out. Over the course of two hours, we’ll virtually take the practices and behaviors critical to your culture and help you create scenarios for your own Extreme Interview process. Then, we’ll do a mock interview with Menlonians to test it out. Includes a pre-meeting to give you a jump start on defining those critical practices and behaviors.

Best for core hiring teams and decision makers of 5-6 people.

Duration:  2 hours

Cost:  $1500

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