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Extreme Interviewing: Your Version (Private)

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To quote our COO James Goebel, traditional interviewing commonly consists of "two people sitting across the table lying to each other" while on their best behavior for an hour or two. This can be a slow way to fill your team when they need to ramp up output, and can lead to people with good technical skills but poor fit joining your organization; new team members need to learn not only your product and technologies, but quickly adopt the cultural practices they need to be successful in their new role. These behaviors and skill sets can be introduced and exposed to candidates during our Extreme Interview process, giving them the opportunity to showcase their fit – or, opt out. In Menlo's case, groups of candidates come in, pair with each other on simple tasks, and are assessed on the "kindergarten skills" working at the company requires before they even have a chance to have their technical skills assessed. With pairing and communication such huge pieces of what we do, this system has helped us find the right employees for us.

So, how could your company better recruit for the values and skills you want from your workforce? Over the course of two hours, we’ll take the practices and behaviors critical to your culture and help you create scenarios for your own Extreme Interview process. This process also includes a pre-meeting before the workshop to give you a jump start on defining those critical practices and behaviors.

The Extreme Interview Workshop is best for core hiring teams and decision makers of 5-6 people. Pricing is a flat rate up to 12 participants.

We’re currently scheduling private workshops at a date and time that works for you. Workshops can be virtual or in-person at Menlo. Please reach out to us using the form below or schedule a meeting by emailing experience@menloinnovations.com or calling 734-665-1847.

Duration:  2 Hours

Location:  Virtual or at Menlo

Cost:  $2500 up to 12 attendees

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