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High-Tech Anthropology® Workshop (Virtual)

Anthropology is known as the “science of humanity.” Key elements include an in-depth examination of people and places, immersion in the area of interest, and the significance of observation. Our High-Tech Anthropologists® study end-users in their own work environment, observe and ask questions around their current systems and processes, and use workflows and mind-maps to capture and distill information to create designs focused on the goals of the target users.

In this two-day workshop, you will be immersed in the High-Tech Anthropology® process and discover how to design a joyful user-experience. With a team of Menlo’s High-Tech Anthropologists®, you will gain hands-on experience with interviews, observations, writing personas and using them to prioritize users, as well as iterative design and evaluation of solutions.  In addition, the new virtual workshop format also highlights specific alterations that can be made to this process for both in-person and remote settings.

There will be multiple breaks throughout each day, and opportunities for reflection on how these concepts can be deployed in your organization.

You will come away knowing how to:

  • Use interview and observation data to unearth the critical and often hidden goals of your users
  • Synthesize findings from the field through workflows and mind maps
  • Use persona mapping with business stakeholders to get consensus on project direction and goals
  • Craft multiple design options geared towards uncovering what would best meet users’ needs and elicit critical user feedback to assess design options
  • Utilize iterative design to create effective designs that delight users

High-Tech Anthropology Virtual Workshop Structure

Menlo's High-Tech Anthropology® virtual workshop is structured around 2 full-day online modules, Discovery and Design.  Each one-day module lasts 8 hours (9 am - 5 pm), with 90 minutes of breaks, including lunchtime. This workshop is appropriate for team members at any level of your organization.

The cost is $1600 per participant for the two-day workshop.

Custom workshops are available for groups of 6 or more. They can be virtual or in-person. Reach out to us about scheduling a private workshop at a date and time that works for you here!

Duration:  2 days

Location:  Virtual (Contact us for in-person workshop options)

Cost:  $1600/person

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