Go back to school the Menlo Way!

It's a day of workshops on Menlo processes specifically adapted for our K-12 teachers and administrators. It's our hope to share a piece of our joyful culture and low-tech solutions in a way that can be easily passed forward.

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Take JOY back to your classroom!

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Paired Programming: The Menlo Way™

Brooks’ law claims that resources cannot be added to a project without slowing it down. Through paired programming, Menlo breaks that law on a weekly basis. In this two-day workshop, class participants will experience the value of pairing first hand by working on a Menlo project. Menlo instructors will emphasize how well-practiced pairing maximizes quality while enabling organizations to scale projects up and down without sacrificing speed.

In this two day workshop participants will learn:

  • What effective pairing looks like
  • What it means to make your partner look good
  • How to give/receive actionable feedback
  • How to co-create test driven code
  • How to foster a culture of code stewardship
  • How to prioritize team effectiveness over individual efficiency

This workshop is currently offered as a private workshop for a minimum of 10 attendees. Please fill out the form below for more information. 

Duration:  2 Days

Cost:  $2,000.00

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