What does joy look like to our clients’ project managers? We’ve found it looks something like this: transparent control over the project with predictable outcomes. At Menlo, our clients have complete control of the project’s direction. At any given moment, they know exactly where the project stands—how much progress has been made, the estimated cost for each step, and how the budget is holding up.

In this 4 hour virtual interactive workshop, you’ll get an introduction to the methodologies we use to bring joy, transparency, and control to project management.

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Intro to Pairing and Test-Driven Development: The Menlo Way (Virtual)

pairing screenshot

What does effective paired programming look like? How do you write test-driven code with someone else? Do we really share a keyboard and mouse? And what does Menlo mean when we say it’s ‘important to make your partner look good’? What’s it really like to pair?

Many companies struggle with large, unruly codebases that only a handful of experts are capable of maintaining. To make matters worse, this code is often riddled with difficult quality issues that require constant attention. Test-driven development (TDD), in the context of paired programming, is a way of collaboratively designing the code so that the entire team is set up for success.

In this four-hour workshop, participants will learn best practices for pairing and test-driven development (TDD) in an interactive virtual session. You’ll get hands-on experience with TDD in a paired context by embedding in a Menlo codebase, including 90 minutes of pairing with a Menlo developer.

Best for developer teams (and their managers) of 5-10 people.

Duration:  4 hours

Cost:  $375 per person

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