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Intro to Pairing and Test-Driven Development: The Menlo Way™ (Private)

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Many companies struggle with large, unruly codebases that only a handful of experts are capable of maintaining. To make matters worse, this code is often riddled with difficult quality issues that require constant attention. As Menlo has discovered, test-driven development (TDD) in the context of paired programming is a way of avoiding these pitfalls. By collaboratively designing code, our entire team is set up for success.

In this four-hour workshop, participants will learn best practices for pairing and TDD by working hands-on with both. With 90 minutes of pairing with a Menlo developer included, you'll get to experience first hand how to reap the benefits and navigate the challenges of this type of programming.

You will come away knowing how to:

  • Give, receive, and elicit actionable feedback from your pair partner
  • Co-create test-driven code
  • Foster a culture of code stewardship
  • Prioritize team effectiveness over individual efficiency
  • Collaborate effectively with quality assurance and other team members

Due to its technical nature, this workshop is best for developer teams and their managers. Pricing is a flat rate up to 8 attendees; each additional attendee is $500. Half-Day workshops at Menlo include either breakfast or lunch and snacks.

We’re currently scheduling private workshops at a date and time that works for you. Workshops can be virtual or in-person at Menlo. Please reach out to us using the form below or schedule a meeting by emailing experience@menloinnovations.com or calling 734-665-1847.

Duration:  4 Hours

Location:  Virtual or at Menlo

Cost:  $5,000 up to 8 attendees; $500 per additional attendee

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