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Pairing to Solve Business Problems (Private)

Photo of Paired HTA Work

Pairing: Not Just for Software Development!

At Menlo, it’s no secret that our paired programming practice is crucial to our success. But did you know we also follow this construct for other roles? High-Tech Anthropology® tasks are done in pairs, our Project Managers pair with both each other as well as the client, and, as we jokingly like to say, any "mission critical task" like taxes and payroll can be done in pairs. We’ve even been known to pair on crucial emails! Consequently, we believe that those struggling with business process and project bottlenecks might find that pairing suits their needs.

Pairing supports the ability to scale resources up (or down) to meet deadlines or volume needs. If you find yourself denying or delaying vacation requests, we’ll demonstrate how pairing on tasks and strategically rotating resources through project teams and departments or roles can cut down on "towers of knowledge" team members who (if they are absent) can cause projects or systems to fail. We’ll focus on how cultivating a learning environment can provide more flexibility in meeting business milestones and keep your space buzzing with the energy of learning.

In this session you will:

  • Learn how to hire for the ideal pair partner
  • Discover how pairing can increase productivity 
  • Experience the value of pairing 
  • Identify problems that pairing may solve in your organization and create a strategy for implementation of pairing

This workshop is best for those struggling with business process and project bottlenecks, or those with team members who keep getting "stuck" doing work alone because of their unique knowledge. 6+ participants, or less than 6 paying the cost equivalent of 6 participants. Full-Day workshops at Menlo include breakfast, lunch, and snacks throughout the day.

We’re currently scheduling private workshops at a date and time that works for you. Workshops can be virtual or in-person at Menlo – or we can come to your office at an extra cost. Please reach out to us using the form below or schedule a meeting by emailing experience@menloinnovations.com or calling 734-665-1847.

Duration:  8 Hours

Location:  Virtual, at Menlo, or at your office

Cost:  $800/person

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