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Intro to Project Management: The Menlo Way™ Workshop (Virtual)

An image of two Menlonians at a Work Authorization Board

What does joy look like to our clients’ project managers? We’ve found it looks something like this: transparent control over the project with predictable outcomes. At Menlo, our clients have complete control of the project’s direction. At any given moment, they know exactly where the project stands—how much progress has been made, the estimated cost for each step, and how the budget is holding up. They can change direction quickly. And they see the end point and know what it will take to get there. As for the project team itself, joy looks like knowing what’s expected of them—what they need to work on each day, what’s a priority and what isn’t. They’re given the tools they need to be successful. They communicate often and meaningfully with decision-makers. And they can stop work at 5 PM.   

In this 8 hour virtual interactive workshop, you’ll get an introduction to the methodologies we use to bring joy, transparency, and control to project management. You’ll try your hand at “planning origami,” learn how to run an effective estimation session with your team, and build visual management boards to assign tasks and track status. You’ll learn how these tools can help you to more effectively collaborate and drive alignment between your team and stakeholders. 

Whether you're a Jira or Microsoft project expert or have your own advanced Excel spreadsheet system, many project managers struggle to keep the train on the tracks when it comes to the tasks their teams are (or should be) working on daily. Join us for a thought-provoking project-planning journey from up in the clouds to down in the weeds and back again.

Completing this workshop satisfies the PMP® requirements for earning 8 Professional Development Units (PDUs).

Have 6 or more people? Reach out to us about scheduling a private workshop at a date and time that works for you: experience@menloinnovations.com or call us at 734-665-1847.

Duration:  8 hours

Location:  Virtual (Contact us for in-person workshop options)

Cost:  $800/person

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