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Software Developer

Our Development team focuses on implementation, using a test-driven design and development approach. Developers work in pairs on a variety of projects, rotating pair partners and/or projects on a weekly basis. At Menlo, it's not as important to be an expert in any particular language as to be willing and able to learn new languages when needed. Sharing your technical and project knowledge with other team members is a natural part of the process, preventing any one person from becoming a tower of knowledge.

Software Developer

Some of the qualities and/or skills we look for in a Developer:

  • 1 – 2 years of coding experience
  • Learns quickly
  • Able to retain and apply what's learned
  • Willing to try new things
  • A “make mistakes faster” attitude
  • Asks questions often
  • Plays well with others
  • Smiles and has a sense of humor
  • Great communications skills
  • Ability to learn while teaching

Your specific Job Responsibilities include the following in the Menlo Software Factory:

  • Estimating the effort involved in implementing individual stories
  • Designing, developing, and unit testing software based on stories
  • Deploying working builds and finished systems
  • Participating in or leading project activities such as daily stand-up meetings, show and tell sessions, planning games, and the like
  • Implementing Menlo Software Factory key practices, such as Co-Location, Paired Programming, Expert Within Earshot, Collective Code Ownership, Test-First Programming, Unit Tests Run Continually, Automate The Tests, Daily Code Check-in, Continuous Integration, Spikes & Experiments, and so forth


If you're interested in helping us return joy back to technology, please send us your contact info and resume.

Software Developer Position Inquiry

"Joy is designing and building something that actually sees the light of day and is enjoyably used and widely adopted by the people for whom it was intended."

Richard SheridanMenlo CEO and Chief Story Teller