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April 2021 Menlo Bits


Culture. Storytelling. Joy.
How these 3 things saved Menlo

We frequently get asked about how Menlo adapted to the virtual shift the pandemic brought. In his recent blog post, Rich explains how optimism, joy, and storytelling were the saving grace of Menlo's culture. These aspects didn’t just save Menlo from financial failure but also from emotional failure. The storytelling culture of Menlo is intentional, ever present and instilled in each Menlonian. 

Read the full post here!

Want to improve your teams storytelling abilities? Send us an email at experience@menloinnovations.com to learn more about our Storytelling Workshop.


Learn From Menlo's HTAs
Join us for our High-Tech Anthropology® Workshop!

Come visit us virtually June 9th and 10th for an immersive two-day workshop on High-Tech Anthropology® (HTA)! At Menlo, our mission to end human suffering in the world as it relates to technology often starts with understanding our end user and designing the product that will bring them joy.

In this workshop our HTAs will share our process and guide you through exercises to put these skills into practice. The new virtual workshop format also highlights specific alterations that can be made to this process for both in-person and remote settings.

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The Joy Metric
Watch out for this early warning sign!

In Patrick Lencioni's short article, he discusses that a key indicator of financial downturn responsible CEOs can look out for is a decline in employee satisfaction or "joy". When people enjoy their work, not the idea of that work but the day-to-day experi­ence of doing it, the likelihood of success is exponentially higher.

As "joy" is not a data-driven method, many believe it becomes a lot harder to analyze, however, Lencioni suggests CEOs observe and interact with employees at all levels of the organiza­tion, looking for early signs of frustration or resignation. By tapping into their intuition and experience, CEOs have the chance to identify problems before any meter on their dashboard turns red.

Read the full article here!


The Purpose Summit
See our CEO Rich Sheridan and other engaging speakers!

Looking for inspiring ideas to get clear on your purpose and deepen your personal and professional impact? If yes, then don’t miss out on this year’s Purpose Summit, which promises to deliver 3 transformational days of engaging content and opportunities to connect and collaborate with a global network of like-minded individuals. The speaker lineup for this event features over 30 business and community thought-leaders, including our CEO & Chief Storyteller Richard Sheridan.

With flexible live and self-paced virtual attendance options, as well as a limited number of in-person seats, this is a great opportunity at an affordable price. Get your tickets here and include PROMO CODE: MENLO for a $100 discount (almost half price for most ticket options). 

Plus, through their Give Back Partner Program, Purpose Point is willing to partner with any non-profit organization that would like to utilize the program as a fundraiser. For every ticket to The Purpose Summit purchased using a Give Back Partner code, they will donate 50% to that organization.


Chatter:  The Voice in Our Head, Why It Matters, and How to Harness It
By: Ethan Kross

Recommended by:
Richard Sheridan, Chief Storyteller

This is one the most enjoyable and practical books I've read in quite some time. I highly recommend it.

All of us are subject to the negative spiral of thoughts we encounter with the voice that runs inside our own head. These self-defeating conversations can prevent us from achieving some of our most significant goals in life, those goals that, if achieved, could bring us joy unlike anything we've ever experienced. My overall feeling while reading this book is that it could not only help me be a better leader, but also a more effective listener and colleague to those who are struggling with their own inner negative voice. And ... I am hopeful as springtime arrives, that this might even have a positive effect on my golf game.

Get your own copy here!


We are on a mission to grow our development team and are continuously running experiments to make it happen! We have now successfully run two virtual Extreme Interviews and want to share our experience and what we have learned. 

Overall, the process felt surprisingly familiar, with our biggest take-away from this experiment being that technology didn’t interfere with our ability to assess the cultural fit of interview candidates through the practice of paired work. In addition to using google docs instead of hard copy activities, we used breakout rooms in Zoom to facilitate the paired work. In the absence of explicit instructions, we were curious to see how interview candidates would manage not only the task, but also the interaction. To our surprise, we found that the virtual version even enhanced our perspective because it presented new challenges that are part of our remote work environment.

The success of this experiment is yet one more example of how Menlo's intentional culture has enabled us to successfully adapt our processes despite the challenges of working virtually. 

Stay tuned! There are more XI’s on the horizon. If you're interested in learning more about how we conduct our Extreme Interviews, and how you could incorporate them into your hiring practices, you can read more about our 2 hour workshop here!



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